California Stenography School

Court reporters in California are some of the highest paid in the nation. The golden state is an exciting place to work as a court reporter with an average salary of $69,000. If you are a California resident you are also fortunate because schooling at one of the community colleges is less expensive for residents pursuing an associate's degree. You have a variety of stenography schools to choose from, with many offering day and evening classes, as well as online programs. However, California also has strict regulations for its court reporters, so choosing the right stenography program is essential. Proper training will ensure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to graduate and become certified. All court reporters in California must take a state examination to become a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR). This license must be renewed annually along with payment of the licensing fee. Fingerprinting is required in the state of California before obtaining your CSR license.

The most common degree awarded for court reporting is an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Some class courses you can expect to take will include theory, legal terminology, court procedures, and speed building. Schools should offer real-time reporting and internship placements with a practicing court reporter. Closed Captioning is another specialty offered by stenography schools. This is a fast growing field, as more television and live events require closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

List of California Court Reporting Schools

There are schools in the larger cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento, as well as smaller communities. The following are public schools, with either state or locally supported programs. Cerritos College is located in Norwalk, CA a smaller community close to Los Angeles. Taft College is located in the town of Taft, not far from Bakersfield. West Valley Community College is in beautiful Saratoga, which is located in northern California. City College of San Francisco and San Diego City College are both state and locally supported public schools. Some of the private schools are Sage College, Moreno Valley, CA, Sierra Valley Business College, Fresno, CA and South Coast College located in Orange, CA. The California Court Reporters Association is a non-profit network of practicing stenographers. They also provide an extensive list of stenography schools in California on their website.